17 December 2011

Union Mall, Bangkok

Time for me to go shopping after the oral presentation.
Another night of shopping in Bangkok.
This time, we went to Union mall by MRT.
While walking to the MRT station.
The dogs wearing t-shirt..cute.

Luckily i bring the sweater for myself. The day was still cold. It was only around 19 celcius.

haha.. actually they hardly understand what am I talking about. Luckily Ploy wrote me the station that I need to stop at.

Finally I get my ticket. Heading to this place.

while waiting the train.

In the train.. It was so fast ....
Wonder how is the mall look like.
Is it a shopping paradise???

It was so convenient.. The mall located in front of the station.
Busy busy shopping.
Not much photo in the mall.
After that, time for diner.
Went into a shop..
we don't even know how to order the food even they give us menu.

The tired face after the shopping.
We end up ordering this ...

This one still nice..

But.. this one --- -_-!!!

The decoration was so special in that restaurant.
Time to back to hotel for a good nite sleep.
Will meet my friends at chulalongkong university the next day.

On the way walk back to the hotel via MRT station.
There was a night market along the street.

Wish to try this one day.
Wonder how it look like.

The insects...

U can easily find this in Bangkok night market.
Well... the night was late..
To be continue soon .. 

Looking back at these old photo.. really make me wanted to have a short escape now.
Really wish to go travel in some other place that I never been before...
Where is my next destination??
Any suggestion???


  1. wow nice.... when u went to bangkok? try to take the xmas holiday to go some short trip?

  2. wei yew, long time ago .. during march.. now only got time to write it out ... any suggestion for where to go ???

  3. i am thinking short trip either cameroon or genting for short trip..... cameroon is a very nice place for relax, but i need some extra income.... hehe. want to go bukit tinggi one day for shooting....